Wild Python
Colours: Purple | Black | Green

Price: RM36.00 each




Printed Turkish Inner
Material : Stretchable Knitted Cotton
Stretchable | Comfortable | Trendy

RM 15.00 Each



PRT/002 (Sold Out)

PRT/003 (Sold Out)

PRT/004 (Sold Out)

PRT/006 (Sold Out)

 PRT/007 (Sold Out)







Crumple Cotton Shawl Styling

Assalamualaikum sisters...
Following our newly published Crumple Cotton Shawl collection, we are happy to share with all BoutiquebaiQ fans on how to style you Crumple Cotton Shawl.
Hope this styling guide will give you an idea how to style your Crumple Cotton Shawl and look great in it.

Syria Hijab

Tips: Pair these fabulous Syria Hijabs with any one matching 
Turkish Inner of your choice for only
Price: RM35.00 / Set


 SY/002 (Sold Out)


 SY/004 (Sold Out)



Simply Elegance
(Special Edition Shawl)

Price: RM49.00 each (SOLD OUT)

Triangle Scarf
Colours: Brown | Blue | Grey | Black
Tips: Wear it over your favourite Syria Hijab to get this look as shown in photos
Price: RM35.00 each


Rusty Mode Collections
Colours: Copper | Gold | Silver | White Gold
Price: RM30.00 each

Copper (Sold Out)



White Gold

Autumn Leaves Collection
Colours: Light Apple Green | Light Beige

Price: RM45.00 each

Chiffon Silk Story
Material: High Quality Italian Chiffon Silk
Exclusive and Beautiful Custom Made Pure Italian Chiffon Silk Shawls

RM 29.00 Each
Green Splashy (SOLD OUT)

Purple Splashy

 Grey Splashy (SOLD OUT)

 Sweet Flowery Pink (SOLD OUT)

 Sweet Flowery Brown (SOLD OUT)

 Sweet Flowery Blue (SOLD OUT)

 Pink Craft (SOLD OUT)

Chiffon Story
For all Chiffon Shawl lovers
BoutiquebaiQ brings you our exclusive custom made chiffon shawls.

RM 20.00 Each
Retro Circles - Yellow

Retro Circles - Blue

Purple Cubic

Blue Cubic

Wavy Stripes - Brown

Wavy Stripes - Pink

Crumple Cotton Shawl
Material: Stretchable Knitted Cotton
Stretchable | Light | Easy

RM 35.00 Each
Plain Crumple Cotton Shawls are back in store!!
Grab them now while stocks selling fast!!! 

Beautiful Pink
(Sold Out)

Bright Orange
(Sold Out)

Sweet Yellow 
(Sold Out)
Army Green 
(Sold Out)

Soft Purple
(Sold Out)
Plain Black
(Sold Out)

Sweet Pink
(Sold Out)
Baby Blue
(Sold Out)

Get matching Inners/Undersarves for these fabulous shawls.... 

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